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The Law Office of Jacob D. Verchereau

NYS Special Education Lawyer and Child Advocate

Prior to opening my own law practice, I worked for a law firm that exclusively handles special
education cases. Having worked on hundreds of special education cases, I like to believe that I have
seen it all. Since every special education case involves a child, each case presents its own unique
challenges and hurdles. That’s why I spend time getting to know and understand each child, and
his/her individualized needs, when I am first retained.


Families of students with special needs can trust that they are in good hands when they decide to
retain the Law Office of Jacob D. Verchereau. I have been advocating for children for more than a
decade. As a former union attorney that represented public school district administrators, I am
knowledgeable about how public-school districts and BOCES function and operate. I am known as a
strong and passionate advocate for my clients – especially when it comes to representing
underserved special education students. I pride myself on my ability to find creative solutions for my


Parents often come to me exhausted and on the verge of giving up hope. Many times, these parents
have been unsuccessfully advocating for their child for many years. Restoring some hope to those
families brings me a great deal of joy. I have helped families secure IEPs and/or 504 Plans after years
of being denied. I recently secured Wilson reading services for a Dyslexic student after the school
district had continually refused to provide any specialized reading support, resulting in the child
being several grade levels behind her peers in reading. I have helped dozens of families secure
funding and/or reimbursement for specialized private schools and private services. Many times, I
have achieved this through settlements, without the need for any formal litigation. When litigation
has been necessary, I have successfully assisted families with impartial hearings and appeals to the
State Review Officer (”SRO”).


There are several keys to success in any special education case. First, it is important to know and
understand the language of special education. For many parents, the discussion that takes place
among the professionals during Committee on Special Education (“CSE”) meetings sounds like a
foreign language. Having an experienced attorney there to “translate” for you is critical. By
understanding the language and lingo, parents can more effectively communicate with the CSE.


Effective communication is the single biggest key to success. By effectively communicating your
child’s needs to the CSE using language that will be understood and respected by the professionals,
parents can better ensure that their child will get the services and supports they need. Lastly,
knowing how to prepare for CSE and/or 504 meetings is critical. This includes knowing what testing
may need to be presented, what professionals may need to be present during the meeting, and
reviewing all of the most recent data available on your child. By coming to the CSE meeting fully
prepared, parents can put themselves at a great advantage.