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The Law Office of Jacob D. Verchereau

                                                              Practice Areas

Special Education Law:

When a dispute arises with your local school district regarding the appropriateness of your child's special education program, it is time for you to contact an attorney well-versed in special education law. For parents, this may be the first time you have ever needed to work with an attorney. Jacob understands how overwhelming and emotional the Committee on Special Education ("CSE") process can be for parents. He helps parents communicate with their local school districts in a way that will ensure that their voices are heard. He helps families navigate through the complicated CSE process. Jacob will work tirelessly to help secure your child an appropriate Individualized Education Program ("IEP"). If a dispute cannot be resolved informally, Jacob can represent your family at impartial hearings and in appeals to the Office of State Review. Whether your family needs assistance with an initial referral to the CSE, representation at an impartial hearing, or anything in between, Jacob can help. READ MORE HERE.


School & Education Law:

There are many legal issues that arise in the public school, charter school, and BOCES settings. Jacob's office helps clients in a wide-range of matters including but not limited to: student suspensions & discplinary matters, FERPA & privacy issues, school safety issues, transportation issues, student residency & attendance matters, grade disputes, parent grievances, bullying & harassment, and homeschooling. Jacob has experience challenging school district determinations through Article 78 proceedings and appeals to the Commissioner of Education.


Labor & Employment Law:

Jacob has experience handling all sorts of labor relations & human resource matters (i.e. contract interpretation, personnel disputes, investigations, retirement & pension issues, resignations, etc.). He is a skillful negotiator who has negotiated both employment contracts and severance deals. Jacob has served as Chief Negotiator for public-sector unions during collective bargaining negotiations. He has represented clients in disciplinary matters, grievances & arbitration, and other employment-related litigation. He has brought matters before the Public Employment Relations Board (“PERB”), and he has handled issues involving the Division of Human Rights and EEOC complaints. If you are an employee or an employer with an employment-related legal matter, contact his office to see if he can help.


Small Business Law:

Jacob can help your small business in an array of legal matters inlcuding formation, contract drafting, breach of contract matters, lease reviews, debt collection, disciplining employees, partner disputes, and general advisory. If you have a small business, contact Jacob to see how he can assist.